What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

May ELOHIM bless you B’shem Yahushua HaMashiach.

Shalom Aleichem.

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or O.C.D?

This article is to explain to people what is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, there is a lot of explanations of people and their definitions of what O.C.D is, here is another one.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental illness (and a spiritual problem, if GOD wants and establishes I am going to explain this in a future blog post) a type of G.A.D (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) therefore, anxiety is a core of this mental illness defined by the following stages.

The obsession

Intrusive thoughts are repetitive images, thoughts, ideas, usually identified by the victim as fears. Intrusive thoughts usually come to the brain of the subject when the subject doesn’t have a total will or desire to imagine these things, the subject didn’t imagine those thought by own will, which explains the intrusive part, intrusive thoughts are common in many people including non-O.C.D victims, the difference in O.C.D cases is that the O.C.D victims have these intrusive thoughts all the time, a normal reaction is to avoid the thought or to block it, or ignore it, but the thought gets bigger, and worse, taking the subject in a state of suffering due to the nature of the thoughts, which are based on the subject’s fears, these thoughts are known as “obsessions”

The compulsion

After the obsession, the subject identifies the thought as a threat, therefore the subject tries to find a way to answer to the threat, having in mind it is an intrusive thought, the subject can’t just delete it as it were a normal thought, usually the intrusive thought comes with a sense of accomplish a certain activity or action to erase the thought, and erase the feeling of threat, the subject feels the fear increases while the action is not accomplished, these responses are known as “compulsions”

The disorder

The disorder is the state when the subject’s life loses order in many ways, due to the reactions to the fears the subject tends to avoid things that are not wrong at all (This effect along with the constant feeling of threat by false and irrational fears that the subject feels so dangerous, can be a proof O.C.D breaks not all, but some ways of the subject’s judgement and discernment) or to do things in a very exaggerated way with anxiety as a cause, this is why the common misconceptions about O.C.D include being very clean and organized, these factors depend on the subject, if the subject is very clean and organized and enjoys it, is a decision, but being very clean and organized as a compulsion or doing it based on intrusive thoughts, fears and anxiety, then O.C.D can be one cause.

There are two questions in a written test.

How much alcohol can affect a driver?
A. Even low amounts.

What is the first thing alcohol can effect on someone?
A. The judgement.

It is very important to know this knowing O.C.D makes judgement to have some issues, this along with even low quantities of alcohol can affect the subject’s judgement in a worse way, it can be one of the many reasons a lot of articles claim alcohol makes O.C.D worse.

I am not making people avoid alcohol as a compulsion, is not the purpose, it could be healthier for the person though, in fact is healthier to drink not too much, also it depends of the alcohol, is not the same to drink a bottle of beer than a cup of wine (I’ve only drunk wine, not beer, but seeing what beer does to people is enough for me, I try to make a good stewardship and good results of my body, (1 Corinthians 10:23) be wise)

An example of a case with O.C.D

1. The subject fears things like eating rocks, spiders, going to hell.

2. The subject starts to have O.C.D symptoms.

3. The subject doesn’t think too much about fears but gets repetitive images and thoughts and scenes of the subject eating rocks, being near from spiders or going to hell.

4. The thoughts come with a compulsion choice, for example, the subject is taking breakfast, in all of a sudden, the thought comes about eating rocks, the subject feels a threat, as first response tries to avoid the thought , but it remains, the subject tries to fight and take the thought out of the subject’s head, but the thought turns bigger (The obsession), then the subject feels the solution to the fear is to stand up and sit again and return to eat breakfast (The compulsion), while the subject decides to avoid the feeling of making the compulsion, the anxiety increases, it turns bigger, and the subject starts to feel weak, without strength to avoid the compulsion, the subject feels the need for the compulsion is more and more important each second, until the subject surrenders and stands up and sits down, the thought disappears along with the anxiety, the person decides to take breakfast everyday standing up to avoid the thought or this routine keeps every moment (The disorder).

This is a clearest and short version of what O.C.D is, to help you to understand those who have it, is a hard situation that it’s victims deal with every day.

If GOD wants and establishes I will write more things about O.C.D explaining more details, advices, concepts, and other things.



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