What is Take a Breath From OCD?

Hello reader and welcome to Take a breath from OCD. This website is meant to encourage people to do what the title says, take a breath from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

I practice Messianic Judaism and I have realized that, inside of the OCD community there  are a lot of comments, methods of therapy, treatments and medications, even thought that could be treated in this blog, the main purpose is, if GOD wants and establishes, to focus on the spiritual nature involved in OCD and in the lives of believers, Messianics, Christians and Jews who could be throught that mental illnes and also to speak about the Truth in the BIBLE and to return to GOD through the Gospel, therefore non-believers can also read these articles to know there is a decision over what happens with your OCD and that is your spiritual life, is more than getting cured or seeking treatment, is to share the message of the Gospel.

The title speaks about how we can focus on aspects of life and take OCD out of the core of our lives and make it a part of our lives that is temporary, because OCD doesn’t last forever, so when we take a breath from OCD, where does that breath come from? the answer is, we must receive a breath that comes from GOD, the man was created in the garden of eden with two ingredients, one physical (not flesh or worldly or secular, physical): the dust, and the spiritual: the breath from GOD, so the point of the title is a reference of opening the doors of our lives to GOD, and take our lives out of the hands of OCD.

OCD is more than a mental illness, so the purpose is to let GOD and His SON, HIS SPIRIT AND HIS WORD to have the reason, because that is the truth, then, treat OCD based on truth.

This site is meant to, in difference with other sites, avoid methods that, even thought can be helpful for some people, can be sinful, not everything that works means that is good.

I don’t study psychology, I am not a therapist and that is not the career I am looking for, but I have OCD, and I understand it, and constantly seeking learning based on truth to understand it even more including the spiritual background behind it, I want to encourage people to seek first the priority, what is most important in life: eternal life.

Shalom Aleichem B’shem Yahshua/Yeshua HaMashiach, welcome : ).

  • O.C.Dauntless